Sacramento German Genealogy Society

Board of Directors

image of Ingeborg CarpenterPresident: Ingeborg Carpenter
Ingeborg has served as President since 2014. She also serves as Der Blumenbaum reviewer, NGS Delegate, Study Group table leader and Outside Organization Liaison. Previously: Treasurer, Ways & Means Director, Budget Committee chair, IGGP Committee co-chair, German Mentor, Nominating Committee chair, Handshake Packet Editor and Co-chair of the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference in Sacramento. Ingeborg is also President of the International German Genealogy Partnership.

placeholder imageVice President: Charles Haussler

placeholder imageTreasurer: Annie Brenneis
Annie has served as Treasurer since 2018.  She also chairs the Budget Committee and previously served on the Board as a Member at Large.

image of Rick HansonSecretary: Rick Hanson
Also serving as Corresponding Secretary, System Administrator, Merchandise Committee chair, Website Committee chair and numerous minor positions. Previously served as Secretary and a member of various SGGS committees. Was in charge of registration and customer support for the 2019 International German Genealogy Conference in Sacramento. Is an active volunteer in six genealogical societies (SGGS, Root Cellar, California GenWeb, International German Genealogy Partnership, Sacramento Regional Genealogical Council, Reunion Software SIG). Started working on genealogy in partnership with several relatives in 1982. Swedish, German, Swiss and Irish. Retired computer software professional.

image of Amy Chidester Member at Large: Amy Spohr Chidester
Chairs the San Diego Genealogical Society German Interest Group. Currently serving as the Presenter Team Lead for the 2023 International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) Conference. Previously served in vital leadership roles for the 2019 IGGP Conference in Sacramento and in the planning and implementation of the inaugural IGGP Conference in Minneapolis in 2017. Genealogical research is focused on ethnic Germans in Bohemia. .

image of Elle Hedenkamp
Member at Large: Elle Hedenkamp
I have been interested in family history for over 20 years. My involvement in family history is a bit unusual in that I am a second generation American, my father being born in Northern Germany and my mother in Vienna. So not only do I have many first person stories, but I am blessed (and a bit overwhelmed) by the hundreds of letters, diaries and family histories which I inherited. So my focus has been on sharing these resources. As Publications Team Leader I edit Der Bote and Der Blumenbaum.

image of Ginger HerteMember at Large: Virginia "Ginger" Herte
I am a retired teacher and have been working on my family tree in earnest since 2019. My great grandfather came from Tribsees in Pomerania and great grandmother from Ostfriesland, near the city of Leer. Since finding out that my husband's family has deep roots there, I started a special interest group for sharing research/information centered on German immigrants to Pennsylvania.  I also belong to GGG (German Genealogy Group), OGSA (Ostfriesland Genealogical Society of America) and the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota (an affiliate of the German Genealogical Society).