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 Digitized Der Blumenbaum Journals – All scanning is now complete and the entire collection is posted! Rcently posted on this website are:
Vol. 19 no. 2: posted Nov. 2021
Vol. 13 no. 1 - replaced back page: posted Sept. 11
Vol. 16 no. 2 - replaced pages 54 & 91: posted Sept. 11
Vol. 19 & 25 nos. 1 & 2, Vol. 34 no. 4: Posted Sept. 6
Vol. 23: posted Sept. 5
Vol. 14 no. 3 and 15 no. 2: posted Aug. 31
Vol. 16 no. 2, 3 & 4: posted Aug. 30
Vol. 16 no. 1: posted Aug. 27
Vol. 17 & 18: posted Aug. 22
Vol. 29: now available to non-members as of Aug. 22
Vol. 24: posted Aug. 2
Can you trace your ancestors back to the brave and hearty Germans who immigrated to Pennsylvania? Is there a Palatine in your past? Please check out our new Pennsylvania German Special Interest Group on the SGGS website, and join our new Facebook group!
Researching Schleswig-Holstein? – The International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) is circulating the URL links to a Jan. 30 connection session on that topic (video recording, handouts). Display the links.
Time Zones – Online events can task place anywhere and you are frequently faced with doing time zone conversions. On the Live Webinars FAQ page, you will find an easy to use time zone converter that has be pre-configured by SGGS to show times for the most commonly referenced time zones.
Pommern Research Video – Recording of the 2nd ONLINE POMMERN CONNECTION SESSION of the Pommerscher Greif, the Ahnenforscher Stammtisch Unna and the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) in the English language from December 19th, 2020.
New links and files posted – Go to the links and files options under Resources. The new entries are denoted with a "NEW" marker. Includes many links to Prussian reearch in Germany, a Germans from Lithuania name index and free German music. And just added is a link to a FamilySearch page containing videos for those doing Austro-Hungarian research.

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SGGS also looking for people to help with sales during meetings and to ship items ordered online. If you would like volunteer, please contact SGGS at any of its meetings or the foregoing email address.


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Jan 25
Ask The Wife! A DNA Analysis Strategy
With the advent of autosomal DNA testing, women were catapulted into the limelight, no longer needing to rely so heavily on the men in their life to spit or swab. This lecture will focus on all things female from mtDNA, XDNA, and especially how to use the wives of your ancestors to help identify your autosomal DNA matches.   Diahan Southard is a leading voice for consumer DNA testing from her position as Founder of Your DNA Guide. Diahan teaches internationally, consults with leading testing companies and forensics experts. Southard's company, Your DNA Guide (, deploys a team of ...