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"This series is one of the most important, most professional, immigrant identification databases published in the last 100 years."
Publisher Lewis Bunker Rohrbach
Since 2005, Dr. Roger Minert and his group at Brigham Young University have been transcribing, indexing and publishing German-American church records in a series of volumes called German Immigrants in American Church Records [GIACR]. A current list is presented below. All are Protestant records.
This table will be updated as new volumes become available. Revised: Apr. 21, 2022.
On the shelf
at the Sacramento
FamilySearch Library
Might not yet be on the shelf
Vol. 1:   Indiana
Vol. 2:   Wisconsin Northwest
Vol. 3:   Wisconsin Northeast
Vol. 4:   Wisconsin Southwest
Vol. 5:   Wisconsin Southeast
Vol. 6:   Nebraska
Vol. 7:   Iowa West
Vol. 8:   Iowa Northeast
Vol. 9:   Iowa Southeast
Vol. 10: Illinois North
Vol. 11: Illinois, Cook County 
and Chicago
Vol. 12: Illinois Central
Vol. 13: Illinois South
Vol. 14: Illinois St. Clair 
Vol. 15: Michigan, excluding Detroit
Vol. 16: Detroit, Part I
Vol. 17: Detroit, Part II
Vol. 18: Minnesota, North & South Dakota
Vol. 19: Missouri (excluding St. Louis city & county)
Vol. 20: Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Louis City I
Vol. 21: Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Louis City II
Vol. 22: Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Louis City III
Vol. 23: Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Louis City IV
Vol. 24: Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Louis City V
Vol. 25: Missouri, St. Louis County, St. Louis City VI
Vol. 26: Northwest Ohio
Vol. 27: Ohio (Toledo)
Vol. 28: Northeast Ohio
Vol. 29: Dayton Ohio, Protestant
Vol. 30: West Central Ohio,  Protestant
Vol. 31: Southern Ohio Protestant
Vol. 32: Ohio - Cincinnati, Protestant I
Vol. 33: Ohio - Cincinnati, Protestant II
Vol. 34: Louisville, Kentucky Protestant I
Vol. 35: Louisville, Kentucky Protestant II
Vol. 36: Louisville, Kentucky Protestant III
Vol. 37: Kentucky excluding Loisville City
Shelf at the Sacramento FamilySearch Library.
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As volumes became available, SGGS has been purchasing one of each for the Sacramento FamilySearch Library (on Eastern Ave).
These books are sold mail order by the Family Roots Publishing Co.
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Dr. Roger P. Minert (2023)
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